Headaches, eye strain, insomnia…oh my!

Do they make blue light glasses for kids?

When parents discuss “screen-time,” it always seems to end in a debate. Parents disagree on whether screen time is safe, how much time should be allowed, and even what constitutes screen time.

The truth is, screen time is almost inevitable in this day and age. Kids are on computers at school, use computers for homework, and of course, as a learning/leisure device at home.

Despite the debate on whether screen time is necessary or not, there is one thing that is not up for debate. Screens emit blue light, which can be harmful to our eyes and brain.

Read on for more information on blue light, the harm it can cause, and whether blue light glasses for kids can help.


The 2020 pandemic has parents everywhere wondering….

How much screen time is too much? Can screen time be harmful to my child?

The parks are all closed; play dates are cancelled; and it’s too hot to play outside. Looks like it’s time to watch a movie…again.

We’ve all been there. Even in our pre-COVID lives, parents sometimes just need a few minutes to cook, clean, or even take a shower. These are usually the times when we throw on a TV show or pull up Minecraft to give ourselves a few minutes of peace and quiet.

We know it’s unreasonable to suggest that you throw out all electronic devices, but how much screen time is too much? What about screen time for toddlers? Screentime with the nanny? And how do you enforce screen time limits when your 10-year-old is doing virtual school?

Read on for the recommendations by doctors and other parents on what is an appropriate amount of screen time for kids of any age.

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