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Just a few things that our families have said on behalf of our wonderful patients and their mommys and daddys.
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Great office, friendly staff, easy to get appointments

Testimonial 19

Love Dr. Leffel. Office runs great. Applause for a job well done.

Testimonial 20

Ya’ll are fantastic no complaints!

Testimonial 21

My daughter has been seen in the office for 2yrs and I have to say every doctor we have seen has been amazing! They take the time to explain and make sure you understand directions on meds and answer all questions! GREAT GREAT Doctors!

Testimonial 22

I have been nothing but pleased with this office and all staff we have dealt with. We have 4 kids and have been to a few different doctors. This office is by far the best. I have and will continue to recommend. Thanks you!

Testimonial 2

We lover Dr. McKane. She’s great! I wish more adult doctors took the time like she does to listen to any concerns

Testimonial 3

Dr. Gomez and Ms Penninger are amazing providers.

Testimonial 4

We love Kid Care Pediatrics!

Testimonial 5

We love Dr. Willams and have recommended her to several friends because of the care she shows for her patients.

Testimonials 6

We have seen Dr. Leffel for 11 years. She is the best Peds doctor ever

Testimonials 7

We appreciate Dr. Selzer! She’s been so great with our kids.

Testimonial 8

I like when the doctor/nurse/PA make recommendations to my child about how to improve her health. She listens to the doctor.

Testimonial 9

It was our first visit, and on a day when the power was out. It could have been complete chaos, but things were surprisingly organized given the circumstances. The doctor and staff were great. We will come back.

Testimonial 10

We are very happy with Kid Care Pediatrics. Prompt and appropriate care always.

Testimonial 11

“Kid Care Pediatrics has been a blessing to my family. Staff are wonderful and so nice. Doctors’ are always patient and caring with my children. I can’t say enough good things about the care and compassion received from Kid Care. Thank you!”

Testimonial 12

“We always have a great experience when we go there. Every time I call with a sick child, I can always get in fast. Thank you all for taking care of my children. We definitely tell everyone we know about you!! Thank you again!!”

Testimonial 13

Been our family ped for almost 12 years now. Great man Dr.Gomez and he has built a caring and professional staff all the way around.

Testimonial 15

We were bringing our newborn in for a dr visit. The front office staff allowed us the opportunity to wait in the car outside & fill out the necessary paperwork. They also called my husband on his cell phone when it was time for us to go back to see the nurse & doctor. We appreciated this so much because we did not want our newborn to be around anything that could make her sick at 5 days old.

Testimonial 16

You have always been accommodating and able to see us, especially on short/sick notice. We recommend you to all of the new neighbors and friends!

Testimonial 17

Each time I go, the doctor’s do a wonderful job at making me feel like they have time to sit with me and let me ask questions and provide me thorough answers.

Testimonial 18

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