Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips You Need To Know

August 29, 2023 by Kid Care Pediatrics

Halloween is an exciting time for kids and parents alike, so when it comes to Halloween safety tips, you may have overlooked some key factors that could keep your kids (and you!) safe during your outing.

Whether you’re trick or treating at the mall, a parking lot, or your friendly neighborhood, these Halloween safety tips are sure to keep the fun alive, while also preventing any tragedies.

1. Safety Clothing

Since most trick or treating is done at night, it’s important to wear reflective clothing so that cars can see you. If your costume is mostly dark in color, apply some reflective tape in a visible area to ensure that they stand out.

For added visibility, include some glow-in-the-dark or light-up accessories. Not only do they make trick or treating more safe, they’re fun to walk around with!

Another option is to utilize glow-in-the-dark or light-colored makeup in lieu of a mask (more on that later). The lighter the makeup, the more it will reflect the light.

2. Ditch The Masks

Large masks can obstruct your child’s vision, limiting the areas they can see. And not only are they less likely to see oncoming traffic or other obstacles in their path, drivers are also less likely to see your child.

However, if your kid is committed to trick or treating while dressed as their favorite superhero, there are still ways to do it safely. Face paint will give them all the benefits of a mask without obstructing their view.

3. Go With Your Kids

3 girls dressed in halloween costumes trick or treating with the mom trailing behind

As our kids get older, it can be tempting to allow them some freedom in the neighborhood. But when it comes to Halloween night, it’s best to stay with your kids.

Adults are inherently more aware of traffic and safety issues than kids are—especially around the distractions that Halloween has to offer. Who can think about safety when filling a bag with candy?

4. Skip The Dark Houses

Ringing every single bell on Halloween night may seem like the best way to get all the candy, but it is also one of the best ways to get hurt. Dark driveways, sidewalks, or porches can pose unseen obstacles such as debris, cords, uneven cement, or even critters.

It’s best to stick to the lit areas and purposely decorated homes. The general rule is that if the porch light is on, they’re open for candy!

5. Never Enter A Home

Whether your kids are aware of “stranger danger” or not, it’s never a good idea to enter someone’s home.

Teach your children to alert an adult immediately if someone asks them to come inside for candy. It might be completely innocent, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

6. Use The Sidewalk

In an effort to minimize traffic-related incidents, use the sidewalk when it is available. If there is not a sidewalk available, walk with the flow of traffic (with your safety tape or light-colored costume) and keep as close to the curb as possible.

7. Check Their Candy

a bucket of halloween candy

While statistically, the worry about injecting drugs into your children’s Halloween candy is unfounded, it’s still best practice to inspect candies anyway.

Candy wrappers that have openings may not be covered in illegal substances, but they could have come into contact with dust, dirt, and even bugs. Check all candy packaging before you open it and use your discretion. If anything looks suspicious, throw it out. 

If your child has food allergies, this is also a good time to remove any treats containing the offending ingredients. In addition, if you have a younger trick or treater, make sure their stash doesn’t include choking hazards, such as hard candies, nuts, or popcorn.

In the case that your child has an allergic reaction, refer to our emergency and after hours information.

8. Appropriately Sized Costumes

The costume is one of the funnest aspects of Halloween, but it can also lead to some pretty scary injuries if not properly fitted. Make sure that costumes are not so large that they pose a tripping hazard, and that any wigs, hats, or eye coverings are out of their line of sight.

9. Obey All Traffic Laws

Obeying all traffic laws could be one key to keep your little ones safe this Halloween. This means stopping at stop signs, acknowledging yield signs, and using crosswalks/light signals when appropriate.

Just because the best house is across the street does not mean everyone should make a mad dash through the dark. Take the time to follow traffic signs; it just may save your family a trip to an urgent care facility.

10. Have A Plan

No matter how much planning, safety tips, or rules we set, something can always go wrong. In the event that one of your children is nowhere to be found, something as simple as taping their name and contact information somewhere on their costume or on a wristband could be extremely helpful.

For older kids, have a set meeting place for if they get lost. Long-range walkie talkies would also be a good addition for optimal communication.


Halloween should be a fun and memorable time for your ghouls and goblins, not something they look back on with fear due to an injury. Simple precautions like reflective tape, pedestrian etiquette, well-fitted costumes, and candy inspection can make all the difference.

Whether you’re a seasoned parent with years of Halloween experience under your belt, or a new parent looking forward to their child’s first Halloween, creating magic is the key. Sprinkling in safety measures is paramount to making that magic.

If you have any questions about Halloween safety or need an appointment, give us a call. We are always glad to help.

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