Billing Policies:


• Please be aware that not all plans cover newborns with automatic coverage and patients may be asked to pay for the visit in full if our office staff is not able to verify coverage for the date of service.

• Newborn charges are often put to patient responsibility because the baby has not been added to the health plan. It is the parent’s responsibility to contact our office once the baby is added to the policy so that we may submit the charges to the correct insurance and they are processed correctly. If the parent fails to contact the office within filing time limits, the charges will remain patient responsibility. Please call your insurance to add newborn within 30 days. Failure to add newborn child within 30 days may result in the child being denied coverage until the next enrollment period for the plan.

Well Child Exams

• Please be aware that a physician may bill a sick office visit (99202-99205, 99212-99215) in addition to a previously scheduled preventative visit. Per CPT coding rules the well child visit code applies only to preventative medical care but does not include any issues related to chronic diseases or acute illness. Insurance companies process these claims according to their policy guidelines and the patient may have a balance due for the unrelated sick office visit.

• All labs, hearing screen and vision screen are billed separate from the preventative office visit. Please be aware that each policy processes these charges according to your benefit guidelines and the patient may receive a bill for these services.

Current Insurance:

• We verify insurance benefits prior to your child being seen by our providers. We ask that you present your current insurance card at every visit so that the office staff may copy it. Failure to update our office with correct insurance information on the date of service will result in the charges being billed to the patient. We are not able to bill new insurance if it is not provided to us in a timely manner.

• Our office staff is only given a quote of benefits by your insurance company. It is never a guarantee of payment. We do our best to verify all vaccines and office visit co-pays and deductibles; however ANY portion that is applied to patient responsibility by the insurance company is due in full at the time of service. If you have any questions about your benefits we recommend you contact your insurance company so that they can explain your benefit package to you. Similarly you can ask our staff about the benefits that were quoted.

State Vaccines:

•If you are aware that your insurance plan has a max benefit for well care and wish to receive state vaccines, please ask at the check out window to make sure you received state vaccines. If you do not verify and pay for the state vaccines before leaving the office, and private vaccines were given, the balance due for the private vaccines will be patient responsibility.


• We collect payment (fees, co-pays and deductibles) at the time of service. Statements will be mailed out monthly for any portion due that insurance may apply and payment in full is expected on receipt. Please review statements to insure accuracy from all parties. We accept cash, personal check and all major credit cards (Amex, Visa, MC and Discover) for your convenience. Credit card payments can be paid online

Current Information:

• •The parents must update new address and phone information with the front office staff. Failure to do so will result in statements being undeliverable and accounts possibly being sent to collections.


• Refunds must be requested from the office for any credit balance you may have on your account. They will not be automatically issued. Please allow ten business days to process. Refund will not be processed by credit card transactions. All refunds will be issued by paper check.


• Accounts that remain unpaid will be sent to a collection agency for further collection proceedings and will result in patients being dismissed from the practice.

• If you have a question about your account please call our office at 817.337.5503 and speak to someone in the billing department. We are happy to assist you in any way that we can.